Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot, Hot, Hot

Well, I suppose with the temperatures in the bulk of the U.S. being very close, if not over, 100 that we can safely say it is summer. Nice and hot, the grass looks burnt unless we choose to water it. (I don't because that would mean one of us would have to mow it in the heat.) I keep hearing about people being taking to the emergancy room for the heat exhaustion or even dying from the heat. This is a trying time.

I know with us the kids want to go to the lake or play in the sprinklers but Iget a bit leary about it since it is so hot. There are precautions thatcan be taken though.

Handling the Heat:

1. Make sure you and everyone with you drink plenty of fluids. Stay away from caffinated beverages. This includes colas, tea, and several carbonated beverages.
2. Wear light weight and light colored clothing.
3. Make sure to wear sunscreen so not to get burned.
4. If you or your child take medications for anything make sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe to be in the sun. Several medications can have adverse side-effects if you are in the sun.
5. Do not go outside during the heat of the day. This is typically 2-5pm.
6. Visit your local library. They are typically nice and cool and you can read afew books while you are there.
7. Taking the kiddos to a matinee is good too and several movie theatres have a kids club that does kidsmoviesduring the summer.
8. Trip to a local museum or art gallery. You can learn abit of history while keeping cool.
9. For lunch run by your local fast food resturant that has an indoor playground.
10. Go to a local gym. Some churches and most Y's have a time for open gym where the kids can play and not be in the heat.

So, stay cool and enjoy your family. Remember that there is a season for everything. In 6 months many of us will be missing these high temperatures. Find God's blessings in what is around you. Perhaps He is blessing you by you visiting a library or museum or indoor playground. You never know until you take that step.

We are using this time to getajump on packing. See, we will be moving in about a month and were wondering when we would find thetime to pack. Since I totaled our van, I can't go anywhere really during the day and with it being to hot to be outside very long, we are inside cleaning and packing.

God Bless!


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