Saturday, March 11, 2006

Confession Time

I have a confession to make. It's rather difficult for me to do, see I like to think of myself being better than I really am. I suppose we all do though.

I remember being without children and at the grocery store or discount store and swaring I would never let my children run up and down the ilse screaming and crying. I even swore my children would be perfect little angels that never back talked and always did as they were told when told.

I also remember saying that my children would have high self esteem and be great in everything they did. I had even said that they would never do anything that would cause me to not like them.

Truth be known? I try to contain my kids when we go to a store, but let's face it I have 6. Even if me and Jeff split them up and one of us stay home it's still 3, it can cause some funny situations. Micah if he manages to convince us that he will walk with the cart and stay with us, quickly turns into the disappearing child. Josh like to swing his arms around and has knocked down countless things, we tend to keep him in the cart from the get go. Benji is so cute he has gotten to where he will ride in the cart until he sees something or is just tired of sitting... Then he like to 'cart surf', he will stand up in the seating area and turn to the back of the cart holding on to the back of the seat. I don't think you should let your little one do it, even if it is fun. They can fall and get hurt pretty badly.

I do have children that I am having to request of them to stay with me, or to calm down, or even not to touch. My children get excited when they go to our neighborhood discount store. All of them, form the 1yo to the 11yo.

Two of our girls have low self-esteem. They don't think they are pretty and they don't like to take care of themselves. We are always after them to brush their hair and teeth. Then the 3rd girl is a prissy. It is so wild to see the differences in them.

I suppose my confession is that, I am not a perfect mother. I do get angry with my children sometimes. But no matter what I love them and I am going to take care of them.

Taking care of your children is so much more than making sure they have a roof over their head and clothes on their back. Just as they need food in their tummies, they need to be fed spiritually. Our children need to know God. They need to have the Word of God in their hearts.


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