Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Clearer Vision

An interesting thing that has happened, it all started when we took my step-daughter to the pediatrician. Aside from some medical issues, she seems to be ok. We found out among other things that she couldn't see. The nurse said at best her vision would be 20/80 and that was if she was lucky.

So, we took her and the other girls to the eye doctor. My step-daughter is indeed vision impaired. She is 20/80 and 20/100. So she now has glasses that she wears full time. Her self-esteem and self-worth have drastically improved. The other two girls simply need reading glasses. It's not that they really need them but one of them her eyes water when she is reading and the other has migraines.

We now have three children that wear glasses.

I was thinking though, in reference to God. The Holy Spirit is like a pair of glasses that make it so we can see God.

Now, my personal belief is that God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one and the same. Jesus is God in the Flesh and the Holy Spirit is God in us. God the Father is The Almighty on High.

What I mean by the Holy Spirit making it so that we can see God is just that. As humans, we can't see God unless He wants us to. Remember when Mary ran up to the gardener when she found the tomb that Jesus was in empty? She didn't know that that was Jesus until he called her by her name. (John 20:10-18)

Do you need your vision checked?


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