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We all have are moments as parents don't we? Wether it be trying to get your child to read or what to do when dad is away.. There is always the need for some useful techniques.

Taming Tongues on the Tube

Marty Leenhouts

According to a recent report released by the Parents Television Council, foul language on TV grew five-fold from 1989-1999. Experts and individuals say society has become desensitized to foul language. It's almost as if swearing is so pervasive and common we forget to be offended.

How tight do you hold the reigns on TV watching in your home? We're not big TV watchers around the Leenhouts' home, but on occasion there may be a show or movie that we want to watch together. The problem arises when we know the movie may have profanity. We've taught our kids that swearing isn't right. The standard is clear. By watching the movie, unfiltered, we realized that we'd be allowing an unwelcome, swearing guest into our home. We knew that we needed to take action.

After an Internet search, I discovered TVGuardian. This device filters out all foul language from videos and TV shows by reading the closed captioned signal to delete foul words in the script. Whenever foul language is present in a show, the audio is automatically muted and our ears, hearts and minds are protected from vulgarity. Now we enjoy movies together knowing that we are protected from swearing. What a welcome change!

Scott Jenison, father of 4 children ages 6-15, says: "We love to watch movies. We know that our kids are exposed to foul language everyday at public schools; however, we are now able to keep profanity from entering the nurturing refuge of our home. It's nice to be able to draw the line between these 2 worlds. Now, it is very clear to our kids what is acceptable and not acceptable language, and they are not being desensitized as many other children."

Linda Vick, mother of 3 daughters says: "Our 15-year-old daughter is more interested in mature movies, which often contain profanity in great quantities. Not only does this make us resistant to showing her the videos, but it prevents us from allowing our younger daughters from viewing them as well. By using TVGuardian, we have the ability to allow the whole family to watch movies containing lots of action and suspense while screening out most of the swearing. We are pleased that TVGuardian has opened up a lot more options for our family movie nights."

To find out more about TVGuardian, go to the Internet at or call 1-877-884-8448.

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