Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Summer Time Business

Have you ever had dreams of finally being able to relax once school is out and you can just stay home all day if you want to during the summer? Or maybe even having the dreams of being able to clamly and peacefully load the kids up for a picnic lunch and go to the closest park or lake to enjoy some wonderful family time?

I had dreams of that.

Now, half way through our summer break, I am wondering what has happened. We had softball from April until the middle of June. Then there was vacation bible school for a week at the beginning of June. The two younger ones get therapy, Micah speech and Benji occupational therapy every week it seems. Benji's is supposed to be every other week but that changes up depending on schedules. We have also been getting therapy set up for two of our other children and visiting doctors has been quite fun. Then of course catching up on dental visits.

To some this may not seem all that hard, but in our family it's exciting. With 6 beautiful blessings that we have and 2 with illnesses that are ongoing,it can get rather interesting.

Our athletic daughter is the one with asthma. While it is controlled, we have to watch her and make sure she takes her medication and we have her inhaler with her at all times. She hasn't had any major episodes, so we know that the meds are working. It does not mean that we can ignore it though. She just finished softball and cheerleading starts in a couple of weeks.

Benji, our little guy has the heart condition. It is not as severe as some of the other heart children we know, but it is just as scary. He gets cold easy and when he does his lips turn blue. Now what mom doesn't get concerned when her child's lips turn blue while they are playing in the wading pool on a hot day of 95?

The biggest thing we have learned with all of our children and our own lives though is that we are not in control. The awesome thing is that the person that is in control is the best person to be in control and that, is God.

Go through your summer plans and your family activities and remmeber to acknowledge that God is in control. Look for the blessings. They are there!