Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lord of the Beans

So, I haven't seen the video yet, but I do have the trailer on the home page of Parents For Christ. From what I have read and heard the theme is gifts. What we do with our gifts. I don't think it means material gifts.

From what I can tell from the promo and the write up is that the lesson is how do we use our gifts that God has given us. Meaning our talents.

My 'gift' is writing. I use that gift in spreading God's Word and sharing with other parents in order to help them with their children.

My oldest daughter loves to draw and she draws cute little animals and wants to draw pictures to go along with sermons in church.

The youngest girl happens to be our most active child and she gets excited about playing sports so she can talk to new people about Jesus.

How we use our gifts is what we need to think about. How do you use the gift that God gave you?


Blogger Nancy said...

Hey Faith! Awesome blog! We gave the dvd.. it is really good. It is worth picking up :) But I love Veggie Tales :)

You're gift is writing but you also work in the gifts of grace, you work in mercy, you work in love, you work and perseverance, .. I know, these are the fruit but you have to work in fruit as well :) YOU are also full of encouaragement and faith :) You live up to your name

hugs girl,

11/11/05 8:44 AM  

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