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You have had a hard week, Janey won't behave at school, Johnny wants a later curfew. You don't know what to do. Is anybody else out there dealing with what you are? Parents are the best people to get advice from for parents. A group of peers is a wonderful thing. We can learn from each other and help each other.
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Top : Parents Asking Parents

Where and when did I become an alien?

I've got a kid who would rather run away and possibly face death rather than to live without the next video game he wants. Where and when did i become an alien?
~ Denise

The day his life become a video game. He lives in them, I've seen it. That is their world and nothing matters outside. Make him earn his games, he'll then hopefully decide that the newest games are not always important. The games are also status at school. The real fight is peer pressure. Use the games to your advantage though. They do not come before chores, homework, church, etc... For every hour of game time, he must first spend thirty minutes with the family in peace no groaning either or it son't count. Use this to have him spend time outside too. To enforce this have him turn in all controls at bed time each night and you are in control the next morning. By doing this the alien is becoming the parent again and a relationship of trust and open communication is starting back. One day he'll wake up and the green alein who sent him to bed will once again look like mom.
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Top : Parents Asking Parents

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