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You have had a hard week, Janey won't behave at school, Johnny wants a later curfew. You don't know what to do. Is anybody else out there dealing with what you are? Parents are the best people to get advice from for parents. A group of peers is a wonderful thing. We can learn from each other and help each other.
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Top : Parents Asking Parents

Praying Over Our Children

I'm a single mother of 3 and I was recently at a Cast and Crowns concert and the lead singer said that him and his wife bless there children many times a day and as often as they can I was wondering if there is a particular way to do this and what should I say? Thank you for any kind of help God Bless ~ Melissa

Melissa, What me and my husband do is pray over the kids. If there is a particular need we find the scripture to address it and pray it over them. Even when there isn't a specific need we still pray and bless them.

To do this we start simple. Make sure to pray out loud and to name each child.

Dear Lord, I praise you Almighty. Thank you for blessing me with the children you have given me. Lord I pray your peace over (child's name). I pray that you draw (child's name) to you and put a desire in their heart to know you Lord. In all these things, Jesus' Name, Amen

~ Faith

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18 and throwing it away

My daughter had plans to go to her boyfriends prom and his parents heard some rumors about her and pulled the plug on prom. Her prom is in one week and I have forbid her to go with him as he did not stand up for her honor. I just found out they are sexually active. She has a full ride to a Div I school on a swimming scholarship leaving in August. Top 1% of of her HS class and is ready to chuck it all for this guy. She wants to go live with her ad now because I have taken her car away as I found out she is skipping swim practice on a regular basis to see him. I will now drive her to and from her functions so this is why she wants to move in with her dad. She turned 18 1 month ago so I can't stop the move and I will not cave on the car as she assumes I will to keep her at home. What should I do to make it till August?

~ Mary Jo


Letting my Children Go

What advise do I give my sister in law who is struggling with "releasing control of her teenagers" to God. She wants to still control their lives, and of course is running into resistance from them. Her daughter is 16 and her son is 18. Her daughter wants no part of youth church programs, but she has a heart for missions, and her son has a new girlfriend whom he wants to speak with or be with always. They are homeschooled kids so their social life is minimal. Any words of wisdom or advise would be greatly appreciated.


Socializing homeschooled child

We homeschool our 16 year old nephew. He needs interaction, however, with others. We wanted to know what help you provide and any recommendations you have about how to get him the interaction with those his age and older? Need answers soonest.

~ Ramona


Moving Concerns

We will be moving in the next month and I was wondering if anybody had ideas on how to help my kids with the stress of being in a new house and new surroundings. They will be in the same school system, just 7 miles away from where we are now. They have seen the house and have helped with cleaning and painting. Right now they seem to be anticipating, but we know this will be a big change. Kids are 11,8,3,1.

~ Kristi D.


Difficulty handling failure

A child is troubled because he could not secure admission easily into university. What do I do. he is brilliant and well behaved hitherto.

~ Stephen


Help with a Special Needs Child

I need help with a 4yr old ADHD and bi-polar child. I keep reading about self control and have a hard with mine when she losses hers. She is on medication and I was wondering if I am wrong in this. I keep talking about this but it is a challenge in our home -- discipline especially. Some one help!!!!!

~ Felicia


Making home Bible Study fun.

I would like to raise our children to be on fire for the Lord. What can we do at home to make bible study interesting to our children and not a chore?
~ Charity A.

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Top : Parents Asking Parents

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