"More Quick Devotions for Kids"


11. Bandage

What does a bandage do? It covers a cut and protects it so it can heal. Jesus can heal any hurt; he’s Our Amazing Jesus. His forgiveness can cover any sin. Heaven will heal every heart! Psalm 147:3


12. Fishing bobber or tackle

Here’s some equipment we need to have to go fishing. First we get our gear; next we decide where to fish. We find where the fish are; we keep noise & distractions away. We are rewarded with our catch.

As Christians, our fishing kit if the Bible. It has all the answers we need. Who are the fish? Those, with whom we work, live and go to school. God knows where the fish are and will lead us to them.

We are God’s fishermen. (Matthew 4:19-20) We must fish His way! Without the Lord, we can’t witness. We can do it with Him but not on our own! Just like in fishing, sometimes distractions keep us from doing the Lord’s work. Satan wants to distract us. God will give us patience & faith to do his work if we only ask. He wants faithful, undistracted fishermen. Be patience, persevere and you’ll be rewarded with a catch for Christ.

13. Nail

Remember Christ’s nail-scarred hands that stretched across the cross for you. Now his hands can hold us. We need the touch of them, the comfort of them. God will give us comfort and strength “underneath his everlasting arms”. Our fears should melt away. Worshipping, loving and praising God – fall before Him because of his nail-scarred hands and He will give you peace. Revelations 1:17

14. Jar lid

What does it do? (Luke 17:33) It seals the jar to preserve the fruit in it. It protects. As Christians, we already preserved. Christ has preserved us. Yet our “seal” can be broken each day and our fruit can rot. (Sin) We need an extra preservative. God gives us His Word, prayer to guard us, the right friends, and the strength to resist (a good head) and peace. Philippians 4:8-9

15. Emergency numbers

Someone has to be on the other end. God doesn’t use an answering machine; He takes each call personally. Prayer is available 24 hours per day. God’s line is never busy! You always get through, no matter what we want to talk about. Psalm 55:17, Psalm 4:3, Proverbs 15:29

16. In God we Trust – Coin

Look up appropriate verses and be creative!

17. Map

Keep in mind the road to heaven. Long to be with Jesus. What sickness do parents like to see in children? Homesickness! God likes to see a case of “Heavensickness” in us. Just as we long to go home from school or a husband home from work – if heaven is yours – you should long for it.
Revelations 5:15-17


18. Towels (rags), cut up in squares – 3 clean, 3 dirty

Pick one to have with you all day. We like clean things better than dirty ones. In the same way, holiness is more appealing to God than the stench of sin. Without Christ, we are like dirty rags. Isaiah 64:6. Isaiah 1:18

In the Old Testament, they burnt sweet smelling incense as a part of the sacrifice to please God. Jesus is our incense and our prayers a sweet scent! The dirty rag is washed away!

19. Stickers

Remember to “stick” with Jesus. Proverbs 18:24

20. Put a dot on their hand with a pen or sticker

I John 5:21 “Little children keep yourselves from idols”. If you have a contagious disease, what happens? We isolate you from everyone else so they don’t get sick. There are things in this world that kill our love for God or put us farther apart from Him in our thoughts or actions. We should keep ourselves in “isolation” from them. We cannot be in the world and in God. Possessions you own, even friends or time spent unwisely, can be idols. Don’t let anything interfere with your fellowship with God.

21. Piece of ribbon

This is a piece of ribbon, it always will be. We “know” it is so. We can also “know” that we belong to God by what He has done for us. I John 3:2 says, “now we are children of God”. We also know every promise God gives us is true. We can’t always trust our feelings or dreams or another person’s promise, but Gods’ word is exact! I John 5:19 & 20 also read more of I John for more “we knows”.


22. Clue hunt/Hidden treasurers of God’s word

Clue #1 (Give to the child)
Search the Scriptures, finding there Christ is the chief treasure Search & find what He will do To enrich all of life for you.

Clue #2 (Hide in Bible)
School is fine, learning is great, So when you get home, we will celebrate.

Clue #3 (Give after school, hide Hershey’s kisses)
If you look for it as “silver” & search for it as Hidden treasure, then you will understand the Fear of the Lord & find the knowledge of God.



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Thank you to Marilyn Haugen at Marilyn's Prairie View for letting us use her two minute devotions.

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