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Top : Prayer Room : Prayer - The Ultimate Weapon

Prayer - The Ultimate Weapon

~ Reverand Dennis W. Smith Sr.

GOD commands us to pray unto Him without ceasing. He wants us to call on him everyday, all day. God's word is power. God says, "We have not because we ask not."

Prayer to God should be the hearts render unto His holiness. Prayer unto God must first go through Jesus Christ in order that God may hear you. God wants us to pray without ceasing in order that we may be in constant fellowship with Him. If we are then in constant fellowship with Him we render no space for the devil to dwell. When you're focused totally on God and you;re operating under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, satan is given no target. But we must remember these truths. To digest this essence of ultimate priority is to invite wisdom to dwell within your life and your family. The Holy Spirit is a gift sent by God. When we pray, we're communicating in the spirit unto the Lord. Having a spiritual mindset is God's command. You can't go wrong with the Holy Spirit operating in your life and guiding your steps.

Prayer is the foundation of our very existence. Without it, we are cut off from the love of God. But through prayer no demon can come against us. You may pray silently or openly and no one can distort that unless you allow it. Godly living and prayer is our choice. Prayer is powerful, prayer heals, prayer blesses others, prayer changes hearts of oppressors, prayer heals the sick and wounded, prayer brings the dead to life, prayer rids afflictions off of the body. With prayer and through honest faith your life and your family can be assured happiness. God answers prayers in His time and by His will. God grants us an open door policy - to be able to pray unto Him whenever we feel. If we ask of our Heavenly Father, we shall receive.

Allowing prayer to manifest itself is the ultimate weapon in your family's life. Be reassured that prayer is a promise. All that is broken prayer can fix, all that is hidden prayer shall find, all that is dirty prayer shall clean, all that is lost prayer shall find. Prayer is all of life because God is all of life. If you then love God and your family you should love to pray. When you pray and believing by faith through the mercy of God, life is yet wonderful. Sometimes prayer is for thanksgiving and other times its for mercy to be granted upon someone else's life. God says, "Every need shall be met". We meet those needs through prayer and only prayer in the Holy Spirit. God's miracles work through intercessory prayer. God wants us to pray for those in distant lands, to pray for the sick we do not even know and to pray for our appointed government officials and heads of state. Prayer fixes all and heals all if it is the will of God. This is so important to remember. When you pray, pray for God's will to be done. Humble yourselves before the Lord. He hears your heart and knows your needs. Many times people pray for a loved one to be healed and when that person dies from an incurable disease, their prayers turn to anguish and God is lashed out at and blamed. God already knows what's going to happen, but we must humble ourselves before His throne. He is a merciful God and does things in His own time. His will might not be for that person to continue living. He created us all and all of our heads are numbered. Your time you do not know. Count it all joy the trials of life that fall upon you. Glorify God, even in the worst of times. Paul the Apostle said, "My work is done, now I go to be with the Father". Through prayer we must glorify God in good times and what we consider bad times.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper; the mighty works of prayer assures us of this. Obey God's law and live righteously. Pray without ceasing and humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord. The presence of the Lord is certified in every step and moment of your life. He is all around us and sees all that we do, even before it has entered our thought. Prayer brings mercy upon your life and it brings promise of life everlasting. TO KNOW GOD IS TO PRAY... TO LOVE LIFE IS TO LOVE JESUS CHRIST... TO LIVE LOVE IS TO LIVE WITHIN THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Submitted on : 28-Mar-2005

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Top : Prayer Room : Prayer - The Ultimate Weapon

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