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Top : Library : Your Kids Can Master Their Money

Your Kids Can Master Their Money

~ Ron and Judy Blue, Jeremy White
Your Kids Can Master Their Money

In today’s society, our young people do not realize that in order to have money they need to be good stewards and live according to a balanced budget. Most teens and young adults think that they will win a million dollars by playing a game of chance with a lottery ticket or starring on the next reality show that comes along. Unfortunately this is not the case and for some unknown reason the young people are not told or do not listen when told.

Ron Blue and his wife Judy have coauthored a few books on finance, including Raising Money-Smart Kids and Money Talks and So Can We. Being parents of 5 children and Ron being a financial planner and consultant, they are more than capable to deliver sound advice on teaching our children how to “master” their money.

Jeremy White is coauthoring this book with the Blue’s and has written other finance books with Larry Burkett and Ron Blue. He is a C.P.A.

Handling your money in a responsible and wise manner is a valued life skill that every child needs to be taught by their parents or role-models. By the time a child is in college or even sometimes High School, they are being bombarded with credit card and loan offers. If they haven’t been taught the responsibility that is needed, they can quickly find themselves in debt up to their eyeballs.

In Your Kids Can Master Their Money, you will find scripture enforcing biblical values in handling money. The authors also make it fun by including activities, games, and incentives that are age-appropriate that will show up in their adult life.

The first five chapter of the book focus on equipping you, the parent or caregiver. It walks through important steps in helping you to be able to train you children. After all, how can you expect your children to learn to be good stewards and be financially responsible if you yourself aren’t?

As you delve in to the second part of the book it gives you activities that will help you grow a generous and cheerful giver that makes shopping savvy, prudent savers that are prepared for that inevitable rainy day by investing and working willingly.

The last chapter of the book then faces the frequently asked questions that are from real live parents and their answers. In that section there are several questions and also potential solutions and principles

After the first week in August of 2006 you can purchase Your Kids Can Master Their Money by Ron and Judy Blue, Jeremy White at and at

Submitted on : 15-Jul-2006

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Top : Library : Your Kids Can Master Their Money

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