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Top : Parents Corner : Getting Your Priorities Straight , Put Down the Broom and Pick Up A Crayon

Getting Your Priorities Straight , Put Down the Broom and Pick Up A Crayon

~ by Erika of This Christian

Before my feet hit the floor, I’m thinking of all the chores before me that day. Have to get the laundry done, unload the dishwasher, make the beds, feed the kids, get them dressed and situated.

I was always so worried that someone would stop by the house before I had time to get the daily chores done. I would think, “what if someone came here and caught me in my nightgown, and found the house a mess?” I would be so embarrassed.

Day after day, I would put so much pressure on myself. Making sure the house was spotless. Had to make sure the toilet and tub were clean, the floors were swept and mopped. Everything around the house had to be in its proper place. Well, you get the picture.

I was so stressed out all the time. I was becoming my own worst enemy. My family was suffering due to my obsession.

One day I snapped at my oldest daughter because she interrupted my cleaning frenzy. She became increasingly difficult as the day wore on.

I was getting frustrated with her whining and begging for this and that every second.

I asked her what her problem was that day. She simply said, “I just need your attention mommy.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and gave her a big hug. That truly broke my heart. I looked out at my infant in her swing. She was sitting there all happy, drooling, and cooing to herself. I felt a shower of guilt run down my body.

I quit cleaning for the day. I went out and picked up my little one and called to my four year old to come out into the living room.

We laid the baby out on a blanket over the floor, and played with her a while. Then we practiced writing letters and numbers on the chalkboard. You’d think I was a super hero by the way my oldest responded. She was so happy that I sat and spent time with her when she wanted me to. Not when mommy was done with everything, hours later.

I decided to let the housework go the next day. I did the bare minimum so I could spend time with the kids. Wouldn’t you know relatives dropped by unannounced?

My first reaction when I saw them pull into the driveway was to start picking up. But, I simply did not have time. They didn’t go and inspect my toilet, or wipe a white glove on my floors. No, the earth did not stop revolving and the roof didn’t cave through. They didn’t even comment on the dirty dishes in my sink! They came to see us, not examine my housekeeping skills.

It finally sunk in…the thing that makes a house a home, is the family that lives in it. I realized my priority should be my family. A clean house is nice. However, it can’t throw its little arms around you, or give you a two- month old “gummy grin!”

I still keep my house tidy, making sure things stay in order. But, I do not stress if things aren’t perfect everyday. When my daughters are grown. I want them to remember the fun times they had with mom. Not recall a crazed woman running around the house; making sure things were always “perfect.”

I’m finding out that I can keep the house in order and spend quality time with my children. It’s just a matter of knowing when to put down the broom and pick up a crayon to color with my daughter.

Play on the floor with your kids. Join in on a pretend tea party. Hold your baby and “coo” back and forth. Participate in a game of peek-a-boo!

Housework will follow you to your grave, but your children are only young once! Enjoy them while you can. For soon enough, they will fly away and leave you alone to clean an empty nest.


Copyright, 2005 This Christian
Erika runs a website for work at home moms; This Christian
Do you work at home? Are you searching for a way to work from home? Stressed? This Christian Wahm can help! Find valuable advice, articles, Christian fellowship and more. Visit her site at:

Submitted on : 3-Apr-2006

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Top : Parents Corner : Getting Your Priorities Straight , Put Down the Broom and Pick Up A Crayon

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