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Top : Parents Corner : Moments For Mom : Vol. 2001 Issue 09 ~ September

Vol. 2001 Issue 09 ~ September

~ Elisabeth Corcoran

Sara and I have just returned home from her 5-year physical…shots and all…in preparation for her entering preschool (she’s a late 5). And I cannot believe that my baby is starting school this year. I love this time of year – not really the temperature changes necessarily – but there is just something about preparing for the school year and the ministry year that gets me excited.

My husband is a 6th grade teacher, so we have lived on the school calendar year long before our kids came along. My life kicks into a different sort of gear when he heads back to work and I’m up against the ominous task of stay at home parenting on my own again. Every year I know I am ready for my husband to go back to work (3 months can be a lot of one-on-one time in our marriage!), but every year I sort of step back, eye my children, and wonder – will I really be able to pull this off for another 9 months? Do I have what it takes to let the change of seasons take me farther down the road of life? Can I juggle full-time stay-at-home wifery/mothering/homemaking with ministry and writing (and keep my sanity??)

And my answer, my friends, is an unequivocal no. I cannot juggle all of that and remain mentally healthy. And I do not have within me what it takes to go with the flow of life on my own. Nope, uh-uh, not me. But I do know someone who can juggle for me, and who does have what it takes within him. (No, not my husband!) God.

When God told Moses to free his people, Moses acted the way most of us would have. ‘God, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about here…me? Who in the world am I to handle something like this? I’m not a great man!’ And God, in his wisdom, did not pat him on the back and say, ‘You’re right, Moses, what was I thinking?’ or ‘But Moses, I think you’re a great man…I know you can do it…go get ‘em!’ His reply was simple and yet mind-blowing at the same time, if we really let it sink in. His response to Moses’ reaction of ‘why me? who am I? how can I?’ was straightforward: ‘I will be with you.’ Point blank enough for you?

And really, that’s all I need to know. God is with me when I remember that he is. And God is with me when I don’t remember that he is. He is with me write now as I write this. And He is with you, if you know him personally, right now as you read this. So, rest assured – you do not have to juggle. You do not have to do it all in your own strength. If you so desire and if you so ask, God can and will be the Strength that will get you through the ebb and flow of this ever-changing life.

© Elisabeth K. Corcoran, 2001

Elisabeth K. Corcoran is the author of Calm in My Chaos: Encouragement for a Mom's Weary Soul . This column is original and not excerpted from her book.

Submitted on : 01-Sep-2001

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

Top : Parents Corner : Moments For Mom : Vol. 2001 Issue 09 ~ September

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